November 1st - December 29th 2013
Saving Lives Through the ARTS" Campaign
December 19, 2013
2013 Holiday Celebration
    To nurture the intellect of youth by providing them with culturally diverse experiences, in the field of humanities, which will expand their leadership abilities and create social-conscious individuals.
The Big Kidz Foundation, the philanthropic vision of Outkast member Antwan "Big Boi" Patton, is an effort to take education and knowledge to another dimension. Established in 2006, with a firm belief that cultural exposure, musical and literary expressions, and the invaluable experiences of travel, makes for a well-rounded person, solidifies the result of the mission.Big Boi of the Grammy Award winning duo Outkast, has had an enjoyable tenure in the music business and attributes the success of this group to their originality and non-traditional creativity.
"Creating, and having a positive contribution to the world we're living in, takes knowledge on another level;
takes expression on another level, and I want to be apart of making that happen" -
Big Boi