November 1st - December 29th 2013
Saving Lives Through the ARTS" Campaign
December 19, 2013
2013 Holiday Celebration

Our Programs focus on cultural exposure, musical and literary expression, and the invaluable experiences of travel to help develop well-rounded youth.


"The importance of exposure is making a young person part of a conversation that society has been having without them for years." - Big Boi

The Big Voices Program initiative is dedicated to empowering youth ages' 12-18 to have a voice. Youth are encouraged to "stand up and speak up" by giving them a platform to speak and the tools to effectively communicate.

Debate/public speaking Clubs- As a part of the Big Voices Programs, Public Speaking clubs, similar to Toast Masters, are sponsored in local schools. The goal of the Big Voices Clubs is to help our youth:

. Communicate more effectively
. Become better listeners
. Improve presentation skills
. Increase leadership potential
. Increase self-confidence

Contact us to find out how to bring this program to your school.
Oratorical Competition- The Big Voices Program hosts and annually speaking competition where youth throughout the state can compete in for scholarship.

Teen Summit -The Big Voice Program hosts is an open forum for youth to have a discussion about politics, life challenges, their future and the world issues. The forum is facilitated by youths with the support of business and community leaders, mentors and peers.


"The efforts within this program will not only stress education, but will stress exposure to culture." Big Boi

The Big Moves Program provides youth with an opportunity to travel locally, statewide, nationally and internationally. Through this program participants will be exposed to culturally diverse experiences that are designed to expand their horizons.


"Creating, and having a positive contribution to the world we're living in, takes knowledge on another level; takes expression on another level, and I want to be apart of making that happen." Big Boi

The Big Talent Program provides youth with a platform to showcase there talent as well as opportunities to sharpen their craft. Throughout the year, selected individuals and groups are given chances to perform at various Big Kidz Foundation events.

Day Camp Program This camp held during the summer break will join young aspiring musicians, artist and dancers for an intensive skill buildings course. Youth will be exposed to professional in their areas to serves as mentor and pass the torch to the next generation. Program concludes with a showcase and exhibitions.


Allow youth an opportunity to understand entrepreneurship, money management and working smart. This program provides them with the tools, resources and knowledge to turn a hobby into a small business.


Our Youth Mentoring program matches mentors with young people who need or want a caring, responsible adult in their lives. Mentors work as volunteers and together they explore careers and questions about life. Our unique Cybermentoring program allows mentors and teens to interact using the latest internet technology which expands our reach.


Our Outreach Program provides resources & support to local schools, organizations, shelters, group homes families and individuals in need throughout the year.